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JCG Inc was founded in 2001 with the belief that the major component of SAP activities can be completed by clients with limited external consulting.

It is our fundamental belief that most SAP organizations have the in-house potential to solution, design and implement SAP applications. However this potential is constrained by lack of  knowledge / expertise or fear of the unknown associated with implementing complex integrated solutions.

Our approach to address this constraint comprises of four steps, namely

  1. Gather requirements to understand the problem to be solved

  2. Configure a working design in our SAP platforms to solve the identified problem

  3. Present the proposed solution so clients can see the end product

  4. If our clients accept the solution then they are billed for the work performed and are handed over configuration documents and high level spec designs to enable internal resources to run with the ball and implement

Throughout the realization process JCG SME’s are available  to provide assistance on an as needed basis.

In short,  our platinum level design expertise will provide you the confidence to implement complex SAP solutions thereby eliminating the need for continuous consulting support inherent in the offerings of our competitors.

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Solution Design & Consulting

“Out of the Box” thinking to provide a working integrated SAP prototype  to address specific business problems.

The design serves to provide the end vision which in turn helps define the work effort needed to realize the solution.

Solution Audit

This offering allows our clients to leverage our expertise to critique existing implementations in order to obtain specific recommendations to improve:

  • Systems performance

  • Transactional overhead

  • User ownership of the system

On-Site Embedded Consulting

Provision of SAP consultants for large scale implementations for the entire lifecycle duration.

 All our consultants have a minimum of 10 years experience in multiple modules of SAP.  This ensures that our clients receive the highest quality deliverable.

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Implement Minimum Production Lot Sizes within CTM Planning While Maximizing Capacity Usage and Demand Fulfillment

by Suhail Jaffari, President, JCG Inc. March 5, 2014

SCM – Suhail Jaffari shows you how to overcome a limitation of the Capable-to-Match (CTM) engine in SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization when it is used for minimum lot sizes.

Adopt the Appropriate Manufacturing Type in SAP ERP Central Component

by Suhail Jaffari, President, JCG Inc. November 12, 2013

SCM – Suhail Jaffari of JCG Inc. presents a handy tool for determining whether a discrete or process manufacturing type is appropriate for your operation.

Tips for Mapping Physical Production Operations to the Optimal Manufacturing Type in SAP ECC

by Suhail Jaffari, President, JCG Inc. October 22, 2013

SCM/SAP Professional Journal – Suhail Jaffari of JCG, Inc., describes the characteristics of each manufacturing type in an SAP system and explains how to select the appropriate manufacturing type to integrate your SAP system with your shop floor system.

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"JCG Inc  were hired to design an end to end prototype for  a cradle to grave, FDA compliant tracking system for Medical devices. The prototype and the accompanying breakdown of configuration and development objects was sufficient for us to implement the solution in a 12 month period using internal resources at 20% of the cost quoted by traditional implementation partners"

Director IT Phillips Medical

“I was delighted with the quality of the consulting provided by JCG Inc. They are undoubted experts in their field and have helped us on numerous occasions to design solutions for our clients.”

Director IDS Scheer

“JCG were able to configure and design a prototype for a supplier capacity planning application in APO. Using the design we were able to implement the solution in 6 months, a solution that helped us to reduce inventory by 20%”

Supply Manager Harley Davidson

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